Romantic Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Pune in 2024

Romantic Places to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Pune in 2023

As soon as the calendar sets in on February, love birds start prepping for Valentine’s Day. If you are also one of them looking for places to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Pune, then we have you covered. Undoubtedly, Pune is the most serene place with a perfect blend of greenery, rich culture, and history, with a tinge of modernisation.

So, let’s reignite and kickstart your romantic journey while exploring the Valentine’s Day celebration in Pune.

Romantic Ideas, Places to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Pune

Plan the perfect date to impress your bae by ticking off the list we mention below. We are sure it will definitely turn out to be a treasured date.

1. Lonavala

Lonavala had to be on the top when discussing places to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Pune. Nestled in marvellous greenery and a soothing climate, this hill station forms the perfect backdrop for romanticism. 

You may watch the sunset at Tiger point, or if you are a fitness freak, plan a visit to Tikona or Lohagad Fort. Besides, there are various scenic spots like Duke’s nose, Bhushi Dam, etc. Indeed, Lonavala has a unique to offer for every die-hard romantic.

PRO TIP: Do not miss out on grabbing some “bhutta” (corn) at Tiger point. It is costly but worthy of a special celebration. 

2. Pawna Lake

Next in line had to be Pawna Lake, which by the way, is truly one of the best weekend getaways for couples near Pune. The pristine backwater and cool breeze is something unforgettable. 

If you are going for a one-night stay, you may think of camping and enjoying the ambience by the lake while star gazing at night. Forget stress and ignite your love life in the midst of nature.

PRO TIP: For one day trip, choose a bike road to get to Pawna Lake, and you will enjoy it. However, don’t forget to wear safety gear while bike riding. 

3. Empress Garden

Another romantic haven and natural beauty is Empress Garden. Indeed, a huge relief from the hustle-bustle of city life. 

The garden has beautiful spots like ponds, rare flora, and fauna. If you are both fond of botany, the attraction of plants will draw you closer to each other.

PRO TIP: There are some tall trees and greenery which offer privacy for the couples. Besides, you can also learn a few tips and tricks on the plantation. 

4. Mulshi Dam

If you are new to Pune and hunting for a romantic place for Valentine’s celebration, then Mulshi Dam has to be on your list. The serene environment, clean water, and lush greenery are the perfect setting to blossom your love life. 

Besides, you can go boating, spend quality time in the water body, and enjoy the natural breeze.

PRO TIP: If you do not wish to eat outside food, pack a basket, grab a carpet and sit by the dam and enjoy snacks watching the sunset.  

5. Osho Garden

Located in the bustling lane of Koregaon Park is Osho Garden, also called Osho Teerth Park. Once a wasteland with a dirty stream flowing by has now been transferred into an attractive garden. Besides, it is visited by thousands. 

The park is filled with tranquillity, thus giving immense peace to the couples. The best part of this place is you share some romantic moments without being disturbed by people around. No wonder it is flooded by lovers across the city. 

PRO TIP: Take a walk in the garden by holding each other’s hands and exploring greenery to soothe your heart and soul.  

6. Lavasa

Indeed, this man-made hill station is a great place to visit on Valentine’s Day. The architects have ensured a look of an English town and its divine beauty. 

Picturesque hills, fountains, cafes, and bridges enhance the beauty of this place. If you wish to experience an adrenaline rush, don’t forget to explore water sports. Indeed, an adventurous Valentine’s Day!

PRO TIP: This place caters to the requirement of every type of tourist. Therefore, you can get hold of some budget hotels too.  

7. MG Road 

The cosmopolitan crowd is what makes MG road lively and enticing. Besides, there are many places to visit and delicacies to relish. Indeed, it is one of the most romantic places to visit on Valentine’s Day. 

You may choose a quiet candlelight dinner or a cocktail night at the lounge. Or shop your heart out with fantastic accessories and apparel set on the streets. 

PRO TIP: Do not miss visiting Marz – O – Rin while you take a stroll holding each other’s hands. 

8. Hot Air Balloon Safari Lonavala

If you wish to surprise your partner, a hot air balloon safari should be on your to-do list. This is the time to blossom your love while catching picturesque aerial views of the lush greenery from the sky high. 

Believe us; this joyride will leave you and your valentine enthralled and help you carve some beautiful memories together. 

PRO TIP: There are guidelines for enjoying this ride. Please read them carefully and book your ride accordingly to avoid any disappointment.

9. Paasha, JW Marriott 

If you wish to have an intimate affair by celebrating indoors, then Paasha should be your ultimate choice. The ambience, food and music will definitely add to your romanticism and enhance your celebration. Do check out if the restaurant has special Valentine’s Day celebrations. 

PRO TIP: Remember to take advantage of the rooftop overlooking the city because the breath-taking view will add to your celebrations. 

10. Parvati Hill

Last but not least is Parvati Hill. If you wish to catch some fresh air, you must visit this place with your beau. The climb of 108 steps will give you enough time to indulge in lovey-dovey talks and future planning. 

If you are an early riser, don’t miss out on the sunrise while promising your love that you will never leave their side!

PRO TIP: Visit the temple, and if you cannot catch the sunrise, don’t miss the sunset at least. 

Over to you…

So, we have given you a list of places to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Pune. However, if you are a shopaholic and want to do some pre-celebrations, you may go for some romantic online shopping

Else, head to Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park, for some offline shopping. Above all, you may also check out some happening Valentine party in Pune.

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