Beaches Near Pune – Unveiling Stunning Coastal Destinations

Beaches near Pune - Unveiling Stunning Coastal Destinations

When you think of going on a vacation, you mostly think of beach destinations. Sun, sand, and waves are the trio that we all look for to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves.

The state of Maharashtra has been blessed with a long and beautiful coastline with many beautiful beaches. A walk on the beach sand with a loved one, making sand castles with your child or just laying down on the sand or in a hammock sounds like a perfect getaway from the daily routine and monotony.

Although Pune is not a beach city, its proximity to many beaches that are a couple of hours’ drive away, is truly a blessing. Here is a list of some stunning beaches near Pune to visit with family or friends.

Top 9 Beaches near Pune - A Perfect Getaway!

1. Kihim Beach

Located around 143 km away from Pune is the lush and beautiful Kihim Beach. A well-maintained and clean beach with pristine waters, this beach is popular with tourists.

Be it a stroll along the beach or just sitting in the sand and viewing the waves come and go or watching the sun set or taking a dip in the cool waters—there are many things that can be done here.

Don’t forget to sample the tasty local seafood or coastal food. Kihim Beach is the nearest beach to Pune and is just a 3-hour drive away. The beach is a true delight for photographers and bird watchers due to its gorgeous landscapes and migratory bird visits.

2.  Alibaug Beach

Among the beach places near Pune, is Alibaug, a popular beach destinated located 145 km from Pune. This beach has beautiful black sand and many tourist attractions nearby, including the Kulaba Fort. The ruins of the fort are visible from the beach itself and are just a short boat ride away, where you can soak in the sunset views.

You can not only explore this area’s rich history but also enjoy many water sport activities here. The coastline runs 4km and there are many fishing settlements here.

3. Mandwa Beach

With lesser crowd and a pleasant climate, Mandwa beach is a perfect option for your next getaway plans. There is something for everyone—the peace seekers and the adventure enthusiasts.

With water sports such as kayaking, bumper boat rides and jet skis, you can appease the thrill seeker inside you. Or for those you, who are a bit more laidback, you can just enjoy the tranquil waters and the scenic landscapes that it has to offer.

The Mandwa beach is located around 151 km from Pune and is a 3–4-hour drive away.

4. Murud Beach

If you are looking for a relatively quiet short trip, then Murud is the place to be and one of the best beaches near Pune! Dig in to some fresh and authentic coastal food or engage in the various water sport activities that they have on offer here.

Witness the beautiful sunsets or visit the famous Murud-Janjira Fort and explore the rich history of Maharashtra.

This perfect weekend getaway is one of the closest beaches to Pune and is situated around 160km from Pune and is around a 4-hour drive away.

5. Diveagar Beach

If you are one of those people who keep on looking for something offbeat or different, then Diveagar is the perfect place for your next outing. It is one of the most picturesque beaches near Pune and is located around 175km from Pune. It is a 4-hour scenic drive via the Tamhini Ghat Road.

Spot seagulls and crabs on the beach or just relax and soak in the beautiful views and calming sounds of the sea and the waves.

6. Kashid Beach

Looking for a romantic place to spend some quality time with your partner? Then there’s no need to look ahead. Kashid Beach is a perfect spot to spend time with your special someone.

Kashid Beach boasts of beautiful white sands and pristine waters. The historical fort of Murud-Janjira is located around 20km from this beach. You can also engage in water sports or just relax on the beach and try out the local cuisine.

Kashid Beach is located around 172 km or a 4-hour drive away from Pune.

7. Dapoli Beach

Another stunning beach place near Pune is the Dapoli Beach. The waters of this beach are very clean and if you are lucky enough, you will also be able to spot dolphins here.

Apart from engaging in water sports, you can sunbathe here or swim in the cool blue waters.

You can go on a boat cruise or visit nearby forts and temples. Situated around 182km from Pune, the Dapoli Beach also has delicious local cuisine selling street-food stalls that offer mouthwatering food.

8. Harnai Beach

One of the beaches near Pune that offers a cool and calm escape is the Harnai Beach. Escape the hustle bustle of the city life and spend a full day on this beach or exploring nearby places such as the Suvarnadurg Fort.

You can visit the local markets and buy fresh fish or relax on the beach and watch boats sail to and fro from the shore.

Located around 198km from Pune, it is a 6-hour drive away.

9. Velas Beach

Famous for spotting the Olive Riddley turtles, the Velas Beach is situated 190km from Pune and is a 5-hour drive via the Tamhini Ghat.

With its charming views, yet fewer people, this place is a great option for an offbeat trip. Watch the baby turtles reach the sea, try the authentic Konkani food, or participate in sports such as parasailing, boating and swimming.

Plan a trip with your partner, family or friends and you will be enthralled by the stunning views and pristine waters that this place has on offer.

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