Discovering Enchanting Waterfalls Near Pune!

Best Waterfall Near Pune You Must Visit in Monsoon​

Monsoon is almost at the door and you might already be making plans for some monsoon-weekend outings.

What better way to spend time with your friends or family members than to be one with nature and enjoy some time in the lush greenery? Being near water is said to be therapeutic and it is said to be good for your mental well-being. You feel calmer and de-stressed when you are near a water body and it helps you deal with stress and anxiety.

To help you have a great time, we have curated a list of the best waterfalls near Pune that are a must-visit this monsoon!

Best Waterfall Near Pune You Must Visit in Monsoon

1. Devkund Waterfall

Once considered a hidden gem of waterfalls, Devkund Waterfall is now a popular monsoon hangout spot. Located around 100 km from Pune near the village of Bhira near Kolad, you need to trek around 6 km to reach this waterfall.

Situated deep inside the forest, this waterfall has clear blue waters. Due to its recently-found popularity, the roads leading to this place may experience traffic jams on the monsoon weekends.

2. Tamhini Waterfalls

Drive through the Tamhini Ghat which connects Pune to the Konkan region, not only to clear your mind but also to reach the mesmerizing Tamhini waterfalls.

These waterfalls are located close to the Pirangut village and are situated amid the beautiful Western Ghats, mountains, and dense forests. This surely makes this place postcard perfect. The distance from Pune is around 70 km.

3. Bhaje Waterfalls

Located near the Bhaje Caves in Lonavala, are the Bhaje Waterfalls, which are one of the must-see destinations around Pune in the monsoon season.

The Bhaje Caves are Buddhist caves carved from basalt rock and you need to trek a little to reach them. Adjacent to the Bhaje Waterfalls are many other small waterfalls that you can enjoy.

4. Thoseghar Falls

With a height of around 500 metres, the Thoseghar Falls are one of the highest waterfalls in India. Located in the Thoseghar village in the Satara district, these falls are around 130 km from Pune and are a popular tourist attraction.

This is a seasonal waterfall and you cannot enter it, but there are viewpoints from where you can bask in their beauty. There are also local farmers’ markets around the place, where you can buy organic fruits and vegetables.

5. Lingmala Waterfall

Located at the top of the Venna Valley in Mahabaleshwar, the Lingmala Waterfalls are a popular tourist attraction. You have to walk a little bit from the parking area to reach the viewpoint and walkway, where you can stand and enjoy the gorgeous views of this waterfall.

There is a small entry fee of Rs. 20. This place is a photographers’ paradise, as you can click wonderful pictures of these breathtaking waterfalls.

6. Madhe Ghat Waterfall

There are numerous waterfalls lined up on the scenic route of the Madhe Ghat. You can stop at whichever waterfall you find to be scenic, but we recommend you make stops at the Bhatghar Dam and Necklace Point to soak in nature’s beauty.

The Madhe Ghat is located near Raigad, Rajgad and Torna forts. The distance from Pune is around 85km.

7. Zenith Waterfalls

Located at a driving distance of 80 km towards Khopoli are the Zenith Waterfalls. You can plan a day picnic here or opt for overnight camping at the campsite. 

You can take a dip in these waterfalls and enjoy the cool water and later gorge on some lip-smacking local food. You can also explore the Khopoli Dam and other attractions closer to this waterfall.

8. Kune Falls

A three-tiered waterfall cascading down 200m of heights is definitely a sight to behold! The Kune Falls are located around two kilometres from the Khandala Railway Station.

Surrounded by lush greenery, this waterfall is a perfect place to dip in the water and be one with nature. However, the approach road leading to the falls is private property and hence visitor entry is restricted.

9. Chinaman’s Waterfall

Another beautiful waterfall that one can explore in the Mahabaleshwar region of Maharashtra is the Chinaman’s Waterfall. These falls can be witnessed from the Babbington Point and one can also reach the top of the falls through the Valley View Resort.

Situated at the top of the Venna Valley, the Chinaman’s Waterfall makes for a perfect picnic spot with its calming surroundings and astounding views.

10. Randha Falls

Situated around 150 km from Pune in Bhandardara are the Randha Falls. This waterfall is formed over the Pravara River and cascades down from a height of 170 feet into a gorge.

Not only is this waterfall a beautiful place and a tourist attraction but also a chief source of hydropower in Bhandardara. There is a viewpoint just above the falls which offers fantastic views of the waterfalls. There is also a temple situated on the banks of the Pravara River.

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