Winter Getaways—Places to Visit Near Pune in Winter

Winter Getaways—Places to Visit Near Pune in Winter

Now that we have bid adieu to the sweltering heat and have said hello to the cool winters, it is time for that much-awaited trip! Winter and vacations are a great combo and with the weather being so pleasant and welcoming, it is time to pack your bags and head to some beautiful places to visit near Pune in December

Misty mornings, a cool breeze, picturesque surroundings, warm cups of coffee and great company make for the perfect vacation! So, what are you waiting for? Plan a road trip with your loved ones and explore some breathtaking scenery on the way. We are here to guide you and help you out with selecting your next travel destination!

Top 10 Places to Visit Near Pune in December

There’s a plethora of one-day trips to choose from. So, let’s explore the top 10 places near Pune that you can visit in winter.

1. Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake is an ideal spot for camping and other leisure activities. This perfect one-day picnic destination is situated near Kamshet and one can destress by watching the beautiful sunset and enjoying being in nature and soaking in the winter sun.

You can spend time camping, lighting a bonfire and playing some fun camping games. If you are not the one for camping, then you can just stroll around the lake and chat with loved ones or go paragliding.

How to reach: The Pawna Lake is situated around 55km from Pune. You can drive or take a local train up to Kamshet and take a jeep ride.
Activities: Camping, paragliding, sightseeing

2. Lonavala

Being the most popular tourist spot near Pune, Lonavala needs no introduction! One of the best places near Pune to visit in winter, Lonavala offers it all—trekking, waterfalls, gorgeous views from hills and lush greenery. It is also famous for its chikkis and other lip-smacking food.

For hiking enthusiasts, many forts such as Lohgad and Visapur are situated near Lonavala and can make for a great one-day trip with friends. You can also go camping at the Rajmachi campsite and enjoy some bonfire games.

Lonavala is also an ideal romantic getaway with your partner with many top-rated resorts and hotels situated here. If you are an adventure lover, you can also engage in activities such as off-roading, trekking, dirt biking, hot-air balloon riding, and paragliding.

How to reach: Located just 63 km from Pune, you can drive or take the local train to Lonavala.
Activities: sightseeing, adventure activities

3. Matheran

Another popular weekend getaway from Pune, that takes you away from all the hustle-bustle of the city, is Matheran. This hill station is located at an elevation of 2600 feet and is famous for its sunset views and other breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Famous for its toy train and horse rides, this place has a lot to offer. It is a vehicle-free hill station and you can also enjoy s few good treks here.

How to reach: Located 119 km from Pune, Matheran can be reached by road or by train
Activities: toy train and horse rides, sightseeing, treks

4. Lohagad

The Lohagad fort is easily accessible from Malavali, near Lonavala. The views from the top of the Lohagad fort are breathtaking and the climb to reach the fort is also easy. It is also a treat for history buffs who want to know more about Maharashtra’s history.

The Visapur Fort is the twin fort of Lohagad and is also easily accessible from Lonavala or Malavali. However, it is massive and more difficult to climb than Lohgad. There are caves and water cisterns on the fort. It is also known for its Hanuman carving.

How to reach: By road by car, bus, or taxi. You can also travel by local train. It is situated around 62 km from Pune.
Activities: treks and sightseeing

5. Khandala

The popular song Aati kya Khandala from the film Ghulam made this tourist spot famous years ago. It is an ideal getaway for couples and families with breathtaking views and superb weather. Take a stroll through the lush green and scenic pathways or enjoy sumptuous food at the resort. There are endless possibilities and places to explore here!

How to reach: Situated 71 km from Pune, you can drive by car, or take a bus or taxi or take the train to Khandala.
Activities: sightseeing, nature walks, treks

6. Panchgani

Panchgani means five hills and is an ideal option for a weekend getaway from Pune. If you want to enjoy more peace and quiet, then you can also plan a visit on the weekdays.

This is a perfect place to spend time with your significant other and is touted to be a perfect romantic spot. You can explore the main market or go paintballing or you can also go-cart here. There is also a cheese factory nearby, where you can watch how cheese and chocolate are made.

How to reach: You can drive or take a bus or hire a taxi. Panchgani is located 100 km from Pune
Activities: sightseeing, shopping, paintballing, strolling

7. Mahabaleshwar

How can we forget this crowd favourite? The King of all hill stations near Pune is Mahabaleshwar. Known for its strawberry farms and berry products, this hill station is a crowd-pleaser. Known for its mulberries, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, Mahabaleshwar also boasts of cascading waterfalls and picturesque views from the hills. There are also ancient temples, valleys, and hills to explore.

How to reach: You can drive by car or hire a bus or a taxi to reach here. Mahabaleshwar is located 120 km from Pune
Activities: sightseeing, strawberry plucking, nature walks, shopping

8. Kolad

Known for its river rafting and other adventure activities, Kolad is one of the best places to visit near Pune in winter. The refreshing lakes with pure and clean water are a treat to the eyes. The popular attractions here are the Kundalika River, the serene Tamhini Ghat, Ghosala Fort and the Kuda caves.

You can also enjoy paragliding here and the views from the hills are breathtaking.

How to reach: Situated 113 km from Pune, you reach this place by car or by bus
Activities: river rafting, paragliding, sightseeing, hiking

9. Alibaug

How can we leave out the beach destinations? Among the beach places near Pune, is Alibaug, a popular beach with beautiful black sand and many tourist attractions nearby, including the Kulaba Fort. The ruins of the fort are visible from the beach itself and are just a short boat ride away, where you can soak in the sunset views.

You can not only explore this area’s rich history but also enjoy many water sports activities here. The coastline runs 4km and there are many fishing settlements here.

How to reach: Located 145 km from Pune, you can reach Alibaug by driving here or by taking a bus
Activities: water sports, sunset viewing, sightseeing, trekking

10. Tarkarli

Known for its pristine white sand beaches is Tarkali—a hidden gem of Konkan. You can connect with nature and enjoy delicious local cuisine here. This beach in Malvan is also known for its watersports such as scuba diving and jet skiing.

How to reach: Located 388 km from Pune, Tarkarli can be reached by car, bus or by train
Activities: watersports, sightseeing, food hopping

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