Exploring the Outdoors – Best Trekking Shoes Under 5000 in India

Best Trekking Shoes Under 5000 in India

So, if you are looking for the best trekking shoes under 5000, you’ve come to the right place. People have indeed become increasingly conscious about their health, leading them to take up new physical activities or adventure sports. 

Among these, trekking stands out as one of the most adventurous activities. Indeed, it is not for the faint-hearted. Such activities require thorough preparation and gear, including appropriate clothing, trekking equipment, accessories, and, most importantly, shoes.

Therefore, here, we have compiled an outstanding list to resolve all your confusion.

Best Trekking Shoes Under 5000 in India

1. Wildcraft Men’s RuNX TR Hugo Black_Grey_Yellow Trekking & Hiking Shoes

Topping our list of the best trekking shoes under 5000 is the model manufactured by Wildcraft. What sets these shoes apart? Let’s start with the basics: the shoe features a sole made of Polyurethane, enhancing both its durability and comfort. Additionally, its rubber outsole offers an interesting advantage – slip resistance on uneven terrains, an essential trait for trekking footwear.

Moreover, the design goes beyond aesthetics; the high ankle length paired with a plush collar isn’t just for style. It plays a vital role in providing ankle support, which is crucial for trekkers. The shoe’s thoughtful design is evident in features like the anti-slip laces, which are engineered to stay tied and secure, no matter the activity. This attention to detail ensures not only performance but also safety and reliability during treks.

2. Red Chief Men’s Rust Leather Trekking and Hiking Footwear Shoes

Trekking shoes aren’t always high-ankled; low-ankle designs can be equally stylish and comfortable. In this category, the leading model and the best hiking shoes under 5000 are manufactured by Red Chief.

These shoes exhibit an aesthetic design, featuring an overlay at the back that significantly supports the feet. Moreover, they come with a highly padded upper and footbed, ensuring utmost comfort and flexibility.
A standout feature of these shoes is their material – premium leather, which adds to their appeal and durability. The shoes are further enhanced with punch detailing and metal oval eyelets, making them not just functional but also visually appealing.

3. Adidas Men’s Garo Trek 21 Outdoor Shoe

Adidas is a brand that has consistently provided a wide range of accessories and activewear. They have also made their mark in the world of trekking and hiking with their innovative designs. One such outstanding creation caters specifically to trekkers and hikers, demonstrating their commitment to this area.

These shoes are meticulously designed to offer the utmost comfort, ensuring the wearer feels stable and confident, whether traversing wet or uneven terrain. Additionally, the inclusion of cushioned midsoles is a testament to their dedication to comfort, promising all-day ease during rigorous activities.

4. Bacca Bucci Men’s Trekking Shoe

Continuing our list of the best budget trekking shoes in India, we have a model by Bacca Bucci. These shoes are crafted from soft cotton canvas fabric, featuring a cushioned insole that is not only removable but also breathable.

This insole includes arch support, which is instrumental in reducing odour, sweating, and, most importantly, fatigue. The versatility of these shoes’ design is a standout feature. They are perfect for treks, but if you’re not hitting the trails, they can effortlessly elevate your casual look as well!

5. ASIAN Men’s Everest-01 Sports Trekking & Hiking, Walking Shoes with Rubber Outsole & Memory Foam Insole Lace-Up Shoes

Trekking and hiking are demanding activities, and comfort is key. Understanding this, Asian has introduced lightweight and breathable shoes that combine exceptional design with durable materials. These shoes feature a breathable, free-moving fabric that allows your feet to adjust comfortably, ensuring ease throughout your journey.

Moreover, these shoes are a testament to great engineering, boasting features like non-slip soles, shock absorption, long-term durability, and cushioning that reduces strain on the heels. Most importantly, they offer advanced push cushioning comfort, alleviating pressure with every step you take, allowing you to forget about pain and focus on the experience!

How to Buy the Best Trekking Shoes Under 5000?

Now that we’ve explored some top picks for budget-friendly trekking shoes in India, it’s important to delve into the crucial aspects to consider while making your purchase.

Choosing the right trekking shoes involves more than just price and brand; it’s about finding the perfect balance of comfort, durability, and functionality to suit your trekking needs. Let’s dive into some must-follow tips to ensure you make an informed decision when buying the best budget trekking shoes in India.

1. Choose durable and climate-friendly shoes

When embarking on trekking and hiking adventures, it’s important to remember that the paths won’t always be smooth. You may encounter rocky terrains or muddy landscapes. In such scenarios, having durable and robust shoes is essential. Moreover, considering the possibility of rain, it’s wise to opt for the best waterproof trekking shoes in India that don’t compromise on comfort.

2. Choose shoes that comply with your activity

Many might wonder, “What’s the harm in wearing running shoes for trekking?” The answer lies in the type of terrain you’ll encounter. While running shoes are great for smooth, even surfaces, they can be a hindrance on rocky terrains due to their grip limitations.

In such environments, what you really need is a shoe that turns climbing over rocky terrain into a cakewalk. This is exactly where a specialized hiking shoe comes into play.

3. Identify the weight of the shoe

When embarking on a trek, where you’ll walk miles and navigate challenging terrains, the weight of your shoes becomes crucial. It’s essential to choose lightweight footwear because your feet will be bearing their weight throughout the journey.

After all, heavy shoes can lead to discomfort and potentially harm your feet. Therefore, opting for lightweight trekking shoes is a wise choice to ensure comfort and reduce fatigue on your adventures.

4. Choose the appropriate size and fitting

Once you’ve selected lightweight shoes, the next critical factor is finding the appropriate size and fit. It’s crucial that the shoes are neither too tight nor too large. They should complement the shape of your feet perfectly.

Remember, you’ll be walking miles, and comfort is key — which can only be achieved with the right size. Furthermore, having sufficient room in your shoes provides a relaxing feeling for your toes, which is especially important during downhill treks. This space is vital for preventing discomfort and potential injuries.

5. Look for appropriate cushioning

Choosing the best trekking or hiking shoes fundamentally boils down to comfort, and here, cushioning is a key element. If your shoes lack proper cushioning or padding, how can they provide the necessary comfort across challenging terrains?

Therefore, it’s essential to opt for shoes that offer ample padding and insulation. This ensures they perform well in all environments, providing the support and comfort needed for various trekking conditions.

6. Look for breathable shoes

Just as ventilation is crucial for a house, it’s equally important for your shoes, especially when trekking. Therefore, when selecting the best trekking shoes under 5000, look for those with breathable mesh. This feature is key in reducing unwanted odour and providing necessary ventilation, particularly beneficial when your feet are sweaty.

Furthermore, such ventilation features help prevent blisters, ensuring a comfortable trekking experience. By choosing shoes with breathable mesh, you’re saying NO to discomfort and YES to a more enjoyable journey.

Concluding Thoughts

If you’re pondering over which trekking shoes to choose, we’ve provided ample options for you. Our curated list of the best trekking shoes under 5000 offers not just comfort for your feet but also promises to enhance your trekking experience. With these choices, you’re set to embark on a mesmerizing journey. So, embrace the adventure ahead, and remember Happy TREKKING!

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