Top 15 Clubs in Pune: Find Out Perfect Party Place for You

Pune nightlife is thriving and vibrant. We can say that Pune is the city of youngsters. In Pune, working professionals, students, almost everyone is waiting for the weekend & the word Friday is something like we are going to enter a new life. Whether you love to dance, party, or you had a rough week; you can all set to enjoy the nightlife at clubs in Pune. 

There are hundreds of nightclubs in Pune, all serving different crowds. Some of them are premium, some are student-friendly, & some have sporty vibes. But how do you decide which club is best for you? No worries, here we are for you. So let’s look into some of the best nightclubs in Pune.

Enjoy your nightlife at the best clubs in Pune


The trendy nightclub located on SB road is for those who love to party & dance. The nightclub is specious spread over an area of 15000 sq. ft. The ambiance here is mood uplifting & vibrant. Housed within JW-Marriott, the pub is a little expensive & has no free entry. You have to pay entry fees. But the fees you will pay are worth it as it provides the best experience with food & drinks. It has everything you would expect from a club, including luxurious couches with silk upholstery, a staging area for artists to perform, neon lights & luxurious interiors. The pub is open three days a week.

Coco – Sushi & Bar:

Located in Koregaon park Coco – Sushi Bar is one of the famous nightclubs in Pune. It is a premium club; unlike other clubs, they also offer membership plans. Only girls have free entry before 9.30 pm. Along with the pub, this is an amazing sushi place; you should definitely try sushi. This is a classy club with a live DJ performing every Friday & Saturday. So get ready to have an amazing weekend with some dance & sushi.

The House Of Medici:

The House of Medici is well known for housing the longest bar in India, which is approx 104 feet long. Previously the club was known as kue bar. Located in the Westin hotel in Koregaon Park, this is one of the clubs in Pune that is full throughout the week. The House of Medici is super royal with its carpeted wooden floors, Italian sculptures & chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and leather seats. It feels like you are in a luxurious castle. The club is spacious. You can easily organize a party here with lots of people together. The club is open till late at night during weekends & is a perfect place to let your hair down and enjoy some dance moves throughout the night. 


If you want to experience the European lifestyle right here in the heart of Pune city, Euriska is the place for you. This club is a contemporary setup inspired by Greek and Mediterranean culture. Right from the food to the decor, everything is inspired by Greek culture. Budget-wise, the place is very much affordable. Euriska is popular for hosting some of the best EDM & trance music gigs. Also, you will see some of the renowned artists & DJs playing here during weekends.

1 Lounge and Restaurant:

1 Lounge is one of the best clubs in Pune, and with dance & parties, you can enjoy the best food. They serve Indian, Mughlai, and European cuisine. By the way, who doesn’t love to have a party with a glass of drink along with butter chicken on a plate. 

The club is decorated with a contemporary & traditional touch interior which creates a euphoric ambiance. They also have an indoor and outdoor seating area. This is the most visited pub with tons of crowd over the weekend. They also have free entry for couples & girls until 9.30 pm.

Area 51:

Is it running on low cash? Or want a very good club on a low budget? Whatever it is, Area 51 is a great place with a minimum budget. This is one of the dance clubs in Pune. Most interesting, the club is designed in a UFO shape and also has a revolving dance floor. The club has everything you would expect, great lights, rich interiors, drinks & tempting foods. The place has already won the heart of Punekars. Two things to pay attention to, the club is open only on Saturday and has entry fees for couples as well as stags.


Who doesn’t want a party on the rooftop with amazing city views & incredible music playing and an exhilarating ambiance with a fun crowd. Penthouze offers all these things. They also have a lounge area, so if you want a little break, you can come down & chill in the lounge. With all these, the best part is yet to come! Entry is totally free from Thursday to Sunday. With their classic drinks and amazing food, you can have a perfect drink and dine experience. Get into party mode and enjoy Bollywood nights, EDM nights, Ladies’ nights & so many more themed parties at Penthouze.


If you love vibrant places and you have a pet, swig is one of few kinds of places that allow pets. For intellectual beings like you, they invite various kinds of artists, including musicians, painters, dancers, and sculptors, to unleash the magic with full-on speculation. Here you will get everything that feels like fun, music, dance, magic & drinks; this is a must-visit place. They have lovely decor and a friendly staff. 


Are you feeling like having the party on weekdays? The sensation is the place for you. They have Bollywood night parties every Wednesday. They invite some of the best artists to let you enjoy some desi music. You can visit this place even on weekends to experience some of the good crowd and commercial music. Here you will get the drinks at an affordable price. 

Hard Rock Café:

If you want a hard party and rock the night, this is the place to be. Imbibed in swooning rock classics, the nightclub serves a vast collection of cuisines spread across Asia, America, and Mexico, including Continental vegetarian and vegan food along with their signature alcohol. Known for its Consonant concerts, Hard Rock Cafe religiously follows the same at Pune as well!

The Fishbowl:

This is the most sophisticated place in Pune, which will give you a high classic experience. From serving premium liquors to having exceptional lounge settings, they have everything to make your experience rich. The outdoor seating is the favorite part of this place if you wish to spend a breezy evening with good music and even better drinks.

The Urban Foundry:

The industrial-style décor vibe is currently popular in the city. This style of decor has an undeniable rustic and minimalistic charm, and at the urban foundry, you can experience that. The food here serves a dual purpose of basing it on traditional Indian grounds yet merging with some of the best international flavors. They have Indian, Asian, and Fusion cuisines. Also, they have a special menu for vegetarian and vegan customers. Some of the facilities are Valet Parking, wheelchair accessibility, indoor & outdoor seating arrangements, wifi, and live games screening.

Oak Lounge:

If you and your college mates are looking for an affordable nightclub, Oak lounge is the place for you. The club is located in the most lively area of Pune city, Koregaon Park. Even Though it’s located in Marriott Suites, it is surprisingly really budget-friendly. This is amongst the oldest pubs in the city and hosts a lot of hot-shot parties. The place offers a wall dedicated to legendary bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, etc. While mimosas and bellinis can be enjoyed in pitchers, champagnes like Dom Perignon, Moet & Chandon Brut are best ordered by the bottle.

Playboy Beer Garden:

This pub in Koregaon Park is a delightful, expansive space for those who like to unwind with a good party. Popular all over the week, this club is where you can head if you wish to enjoy a relaxed night with some super potent cocktails to keep you company. Accommodating both indoor and outdoor seating, the bar also has amenities like live sports screening, wifi facility, wheelchair accessibility, and table reservations.

Effingut Brewerkz:

This is the best place for beer lovers. Effingut Brewerkz offers some of the best, most uniquely crafted beers in town. The doors of this bar & restaurant are always open with at least eight professional beers on tap. Some of its legendary craft beers are Apple Cider, Mango Chili Cider, and Peach Ginger Melomel, some of which even contain Indian flavors; the place is every beer lover’s dream come true. 

They have an exotic variety of Indian & Asian dishes that perfectly complement their brewery. Some of the amenities are valet parking, wifi facility, indoor and outdoor seating, live sports screening, table reservations, and home delivery as well! 

So explore some of the famous clubs in Pune and have some fun and party.

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