Breakfast Bliss – Unveiling Best Breakfast Places in Pune!

Breakfast Bliss - Unveiling Best Breakfast Places in Pune!

It is morning and you are already planning the day ahead of you—meetings, deadlines, household chores—it is going to be a long day! But if you start your day with the right food, it will energise you to complete all your important tasks!

We have brought you a curated list of the best places to have breakfast in Pune. So, begin your day with a hot cuppa and some scrumptious and mouth-watering food and be ready to conquer all the chores lined up for you for the day.

Fuel Up for the Day—Pune's Finest Breakfast Places You Must Try

1. Wadeshwar

Situated on Fergusson College Road, is Wadeshwar, a meeting point for the young and the old. The place is abuzz with activity and is especially known for its South Indian breakfast fare.

The other branches of Wadeshwar are located on Bajirao Road and Law College Road. The place is well-known for its appe, idli chutney and masala dosa. So, if you want to meet your friends for a healthy breakfast date, you know where to head to.

2. Vaishali

Another iconic spot located on Fergusson College Road is the Vaishali restaurant. This place is also frequented by the who’s who of the Marathi film industry and other celebrities.

Known for its authentic South Indian fare, from the tangy rasam to the crispy dosas to the piping hot coffee, this place is a must-visit in Pune. This place provides indoor and outdoor seating; there is almost always a rush, and you have to wait for 10-15 minutes to get a place to sit.

3. Vohuman Café

Irani cafés have always enhanced the charm of the city of Pune. A piping hot chai and a bun maska are the dream comfort food of many!

One such popular Irani café in Pune is the Vohuman Café located on Dhole Patil Road. Known for its fried eggs, cheese omelette and bun maska, this place was established by Hormuz Irani in the year 1978.

Frequented by office-goers and college students, this place is popular as one of the best places for breakfast in Pune.

4. Goodluck Café

Fergusson College Road is lined with dozens of restaurants and cafes. One such popular Irani café is the Goodluck Café situated near the Deccan Gymkhana.

Established in the year 1935, this place is known for its vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare. Known for its mutton kheema and bheja fry, this place offers delicious breakfast treats such as bun omelette and bun maska.

One of the oldest cafes in Pune, this place is almost always swarming with customers.

5. Irani Café

With branches in locations such as Viman Nagar, Pune Camp and Kalyani Nagar, the Irani Café was founded by two cousins Reza and Kasem. Known for its Irani chai and kheema samosa and grilled chicken sandwich, this place is a modern take on the traditional Irani cafes in the city.

The warm, friendly, and old-world charm of this place will lift your spirits and prepare you for the day ahead.

6. German Bakery

Famous for its Parsi-style akuri toast (scrambled eggs) and German sausage omelette, is the iconic German Bakery located in the hip neighbourhood of Koregaon Park.

Boasting of quirky interiors and an amazing breakfast menu, this place is frequented by hundreds of loyal customers.

7. Prem’s Restaurant

Another popular restaurant in Koregaon Park is Prem’s Restaurant. If you are a late riser and want to grab a late breakfast or brunch, this is the place to be! With breakfast open until noon, this place has dishes such as scrambled eggs, mushroom omelette, waffles, and masala chai.

So, if you are in this neighbourhood with friends, proceed to Prem’s for a hearty breakfast or brunch.

8. Katakirr Misal

If your breakfast wish is that of traditional food, then head to Katakirr Misal in Erandwane. With a modest menu of misal pav and mattha, this place ensures that you get a spicy start to your day.

If you don’t want to handle the heat, they have the non-spicy and medium-spicy versions of misal available. This popular misal joint will surely not disappoint you!

9. One O Eight Café

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, we’ve got you sorted with the One O Eight Café located in Koregaon Park.

Its breakfast menu consists of breakfast bowls such as smoothie bowls and chakra bowls and breakfast plates such as burgers and avocado on toast. They also serve a great selection of coffees and gluten-free food.

10. New Sweet Home

Located on the bustling Kumthekar Road, is the New Sweet Home, which is a perfect place to grab a quick bite between shopping.

It offers a mix of Maharashtrian and South Indian breakfast items and is also very pocket-friendly.

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