Don’t Miss This List of Pune’s Famous Street Food!

Pune Famous Street Food
Pune is famous for its scenic weather and rich education system. However, food is something that pulls everyone towards this beautiful city. Amidst that, street food in Pune is like a grand slam. Despite modernisation and cosmopolitan environment, Pune continues to retain the traditional taste buds. So, if you are visiting Pune for a day or planning to opt for a longer stay, then don’t forget to explore these amazing street foods.

Best 10 Pune Famous Food Items for Foodies

Vada Pav

Vada Pav is a native and so every street food place in Pune, serve vada pav. Vada pav is literally the Indian version of hamburgers. The scrumptious potato stuffing coated in besan (gram flour) batter accompanied with pav makes it a perfect treat for all! This Maharashtrian delicacy holds a special place in the heart of every Puneite as well as non-Puneite.   

Pani Puri

Pani puri is a staple street-food of every food fanatic. But when you are exploring Pune’s famous street food, then pani puri has to be on the list. The tangy and spicy water accompanied with shev, onion and puri is mind-boggling. Furthermore, pani puri served at thelas (hand-cart) is a must try! Additionally, you can also try variety in pani puri like shev puri, ragda puri, masala puri, dahi puri, etc.      

Misal Pav

Pune holds the legacy of serving the best misal pav at every nook and corner. In fact, misal pav bags the title of being one of the Pune’s famous food item. So, if you are fond of spicy food then try misal pav that is made with matki, farsan, onion, tomato and accompanied with pav.    

Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji – Pune’s street food is a hit amongst the masses. If you wish to refrain yourself from cooking or bored of the usual culinary line-up, then pav bhaji will enliven your taste bud. Served with a loaf of bread accompanied with mashed vegetables, chillies, onions and tomato is a platter to savour!

Kanda Bhaji

Looking for a delicacy that will savour your palate during monsoon and winter, then kanda bhaji (onion pakora) should be your ultimate choice. There are several street food places in Pune who offer amazing kanda bhaji but you can’t miss the one served at Sinhagad!   


Samosa are a little high on calories, but are equally scrumptious for taste buds! Samosa is a saviour when uninvited guest walk-in or you decide to have a house-party as they are readily available in any sweet shop. Furthermore, they are one of the most budget-friendly snacks to munch on!


A type of chat, that is made with puffed rice and embellished with shev, onion, tomato, tamarind sauce, green chutney – bhel forms the perfect light snack. Easy to make at home but the taste that you get to relish on the thelas is out of this world. Every street food place in Pune offer a variety in bhel but choose the ones that tingle your palate!


Shev puri dahi puri fondly called SPDP is a type of chat that is garnished with various add-ons that suit your taste. Every joint has its own knack but when in Pune, you must try SPDP without fail. It will not only fill your appetite but the tsunami of flavours will leave you mesmerising. There are many small thelas that serve mouth-watering SPDP across Pune.

Kachhi Dabeli

This dish is savoured by all and is abundantly available at every nook and corner of the city. Almost every street food place in Pune serve kachhi dabeli which is quite an economical option for students. Furthermore, local joints have introduced so many varieties in this dish which is garnished by loads of butter and cheese. You can find this dish at every chowk but Rajasthani migrants serve the best!


In summers, you need a coolant and Pune offers the best coolant – Mastani. A blend of ice-cream, milkshake and topped with dry fruits, this dessert is a blessing for the sweet tooth. There are many who offer this blessing but Sujata Mastani and Kaware ice-cream top the list.

South Indian Delicacies

Do you often crave for a hot cup of kaapi – which is a South Indian filter coffee? If yes, then Pune has a range of eateries that offer not only kaapi but idli, dosa, sambar, uthappam, appam and much more. Amongst this, Pune’s famous street food, sponge dosa is a clear winner. The taste is so delectable that no one can stop on just one and it is beautifully complemented by potato sabji, chutney and sambhar!


In the street food arena, the latest entrant is momo which is gradually becoming Pune’s famous food item. Despite boasting a tedious preparation, street food places in Pune churn out this lip-smacking delicacy with finesse. Served with chilli sauce and mayonnaise, this dish is on the verge of overshadowing other street foods!

Well, this is our list of street food that is popular in Pune. But if you think we have missed out any delicacy, then we would love to hear from you! Do comment below and enlighten us with your suggestion!

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