Steaming Delights – Exploring the Best Momos in Pune

The Best Momos in Pune

Rain and momos seem to be like a combination made in heaven. The sound of raindrops trickling and the delicious aroma of the hot and steamy momos—what more can one ask for?

The word momo is derived from the Tibetan word ‘mog mog’ which means steamed bun. This Tibetan delicacy has taken India by storm and in India, you will find numerous variants of this dish such as tandoori momos, steamed momos, paneer momos, non-veg momos, etc. The list is just endless!

The city of Pune also has many food joints that offer this delectable dish. Let’s explore the best places to have momos in Pune and put an end to your momo-cravings!

Taste Bud Adventure—Unravelling the City's Most Delicious Momos

1. Momo’s Corner

Koregaon Park is a place which you think of when you think of authentic multi-cuisine restaurants! So, it is not surprising that the number one momo place in Pune is situated in Koregaon Park!

Located in lane number 6 of Koregaon Park, this place is crowded with people and is especially famous for its tandoori momos. The fiery red chutney they offer with the plateful of momos is also a must-have. The Chinese-style paneer momo and chilli momo are also a must-try here.

Cost for two: ₹ 300

2. Hot Momo’s & Burger

This food joint has branches in Viman Nagar and Senapati Bapat Road is famous for its Chinese food, especially for its momos. Their chicken cheese fried momos are recommended by many. This place offers tasty as well as pocket-friendly food.

Cost for two: ₹ 250

3. Yahoo

This outlet situated in Kothrud is always filled with people who want to get a taste of the yummy momos that they have on offer.

They have a variety of momos on offer—vegetarian, non-vegetarian, steamed, fried and tandoori. Made with fresh ingredients, the momos are served with a variety of chutneys and sauces. This is a great place to enjoy a quick snack.

Cost for two: ₹ 250

4. Peter’s Momo Centre

For those who stay close to Bavdhan and want to experience the authentic taste of momos, Peter’s Momo Centre is a must-visit. Although they have a limited variety of momos on offer, the authentic taste of the momos makes up for it.

The momos start at ₹50 and are definitely pocket-friendly, so just can’t stop at one plate!

Cost for two: ₹ 200

5. Wow! Momo

With over a dozen branches in Pune, Wow Momo has a lot to offer. With branches in Viman Nagar, Kharadi, Koregaon Park, Baner, Aundh and Pune Camp to name a few, this place is known for its quirky momo dishes such as the Moburg—a combination of burger and momo.

Veg Darjeeling momos, corn cheese pan-fried momos in molten cheesy sauce—this place has it all! The restaurant has a great ambience and a friendly staff.

Cost for two: ₹ 500

6. Mad Momos

If you are looking for innovative momo-fillings, Mad Momos is the place to be. They have quirky momo-fillings such as Italian, tandoori and achari. They also serve Momo, Burgers.

This place is in Wadgaon Sheri and is light on the pocket and has a great variety of food.

Cost for two: ₹ 250

7. Yalla Momos

Yalla Momos serves spinach and cottage cheese momos and chicken Afghani momos among other flavours, which are packed with flavours and aromas.

This place serves delicious Pan-Asian food and momos are their USP. The restaurant, which is located on the Baner Pashan Link Road, is known for its great ambience and service.

Cost for two: ₹ 400

8. Seven Sisters Momos

Seven Sisters Momos is known for its mouth-watering momos such as vegetarian momos, paneer momos, egg cheese momos, chicken momos and mutton momos. Located in Viman Nagar, they also serve momos with a twist such as your choice of momos served in your choice of sauce.

They serve tasty and authentic momos at a reasonable price. The place has a cozy ambience and one can enjoy momos along with other delicacies such as soups and chicken wings with family and friends.

Cost for two: ₹ 500

9. Momo Nation Café

Located behind the famous Vaishali restaurant on Fergusson College Road, is Momo Nation Café. Known for its delicious momo combinations such as veg pizza momos, tandoori chicken momos, crispy chicken momos, schezwan momos and malai tandoori momos.

The tandoori momos are the star of the menu of this place, which also boasts of a cozy ambience and great service.

Cost for two: ₹ 500

10. Momo’s Station

Located in Rajaram Mandal Chowk, Sadashiv Peth, Momo’s Station offers a variety of delicious and mouth-watering momos such as veg fried momos, chicken momos, mushroom momos and fried chicken momos.

This restaurant is known for its hygienic environment and great service.

Cost for two: ₹ 300

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