FC (Fergusson College) Road, Pune, Has Everything from Food to Shopping!

FC Road Pune

There is no single person who has never been to FC Road, Pune aka Fergusson College Road. Even travelers have this place on their checklist. And why not? It is one of the most happening places in Pune. Besides, you will see many young heads flocking to this place because of the educational institutes – Fergusson College, BMCC, Apte College, in the vicinity.

It is not just youngsters, but it is truly a haven for all age groups for many reasons. Yes, yes, we will list them all in this article because we equally love this place. After a sad day, this place is a blessing.

So, don’t stop reading!

Reasons Why FC Road Is the Most Happening Place in the City

Street shopping

When it comes to street shopping, FC Road, Pune is surely on everyone’s lips. You have everything here, from shoes and bangles to clothes, home décor, and accessories. And all this at a dirt-cheap price. Besides, you can happily bargain and crack some good deals too!

Spreading happiness

We lead a life where pouring our hearts out to our loved ones has become difficult, thus hampering mental health. However, FC Road, Pune is turning into a blessing for such people who wish to speak to someone. On weekends, you will find Raj Vinayak Dagwar holding a board in hand, “Tell Me Your Story and I Will Give You 10 Rupees.” When loneliness engulfs you, find solace at FC Road by paying a visit to Raj. Read his story here

Hong Kong Lane

Hong Kong Lane is the heart and soul of FC road, Pune’s street shopping arena. This place is a narrow lane but houses a variety of businesses, especially mobile accessories. Even if you have a few bucks in your pocket, this place will still satisfy your requirement because it is that affordable. 

Cafe Goodluck

Café Goodluck ranks no. 1 when it comes to food. One of the oldest establishments, this legendary outlet has served millions and continues to do so. It is popularly known for its breakfast menu, especially bun-maska and Irani chai. The tea and bread’s fresh aroma entices you and pulls you towards this place. 

Hotel Vaishali & Rupali

After a nice workout, what does your body crave the most? Mouthwatering breakfast like idli and dosa, right? Hotel Vaishali and Rupali acknowledge this, and for years have been satiating all these cravings by offering a lip-smacking South Indian menu. Tagged as one of the famous restaurants in FC road Pune, these places are an adda for besties to chill and gossip. Not just this, but you can also grab a cup of tea or coffee and chill in the lane next to Hotel Vaishali or outside Hotel Rupali.  

FC Road Social

If the middle-aged find solace in Vaishali and Rupali, youngsters also have a one-stop solution – FC Road Social. This place has formed a good fan-following base with uber-cool interiors and a scrumptious menu. By the way, “Social” is a very known brand spread across the country and has won many hearts. And it has been doing the same at FC Road, Pune, for youngsters to chill and have fun with friends. 

Cream California

After a tiring day, who doesn’t like a scoop of ice cream to waive off that fatigue? Think no more and rush to Cream California in such a weary situation. Loaded with various softies, juice, thick shakes, and ice cream sundaes, this place is sheer heaven.

Book Stores at FC Road

As we mentioned, FC road has many colleges in the vicinity, so you will find many bookworms around. Interestingly, this place has a gamut of second-hand bookstores and stationery stores to cater to students’ requirements. They are easy on the pocket, and boast a rich collection of academic and non-academic books.

Food Joints/Street Food

If you think FC road, Pune restaurants are all about Vaishali, Rupali, Social, and Good Luck, you are wrong. The street food at FC Road is as yummy and unique as these restaurants. The momo stalls, hand carts of corn bhel, and pani-puri can’t go unnoticed while taking a stroll through this road. No wonder they are as popular as these big restaurants and are favored by families, college students, and tourists alike. 

Sports shopping

If restaurants treat you with food after a workout, legendary sports outlet – Champion helps you with your workout accessories. Be it activewear, shoes, socks, protein, supplements, or equipment; Champion Sports has it all! You will find accessories for every sport here from head to toe. Rest assured, it has one of the best quality goods!

Paradise of women shopaholics 

FC Road, Pune, is a paradise for women who love budget jewelry. There is a variety to die for, ranging from the temple, boho, imitation, tasseled earrings, tops, hoops, neckpieces, and jhumkas at affordable pricing. Not just this, but dive into a variety of bags, keychains, belts, and clips that are unique in themselves. You will also find sellers with a box full of first-copy clothes and pullovers with a starting price of 100. What else do you want in life?


If you are a die-hard fan of non-vegetarian food, you cannot miss visiting Surve’s. This place is a heaven for PURE non-vegetarians, with offerings like Mutton and Chicken thali. You got meat cravings, then Surve’s it is! 

Kingdom of chocolate

If you are an avid fan of chocolate, then it’s time to drool on a chocolate sandwich, chocolate milkshakes, ice-creams, and more at outlets like Flavors Street, IceKraft, and The Chocolate Room. All these outlets serve some unique platter of chocolate that you never heard of or tasted before. So, live your chocolatey dreams by visiting one of these places.

On a parting note

We have given you enough reasons to visit FC Road, Pune. Besides, we have proved why it is the best place to visit and what activities you can indulge in. Not just for visitors, but this place is fruitful for business owners too because it witnesses the crowd of every stratum. It doesn’t matter whether you are a breadwinner or a visitor, FC Road, Pune definitely has something to offer to every person! 

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