Looking for Best Misal in Pune? Explore These Famous Places!

Best Misal in Pune

Maharashtra has an unbreakable bond with pav. The pairing of pav with bhaji, wada, or pakoda is irresistible. Amid this, the clear winner who strikes an excellent camaraderie with pav is misal because misal-pav is the staple diet of Maharashtra. 

A simple combination yet the delectable taste is what makes this dish tempting. So, we decided why not list some of the best misal in Pune!

But before that, do you know what misal pav is? 

Well, the real fun lies in the misal pav ingredients. Some have matki usal, some poha, while some only farsan. But the true winner is the sample, i.e., the curry or rassa, katt, or tarri. Nothing can beat the delectability of misal pav for whatever combination be it. 

So, without any further ado, let’s unravel some of the best misal pav in Pune.

Visit These Famous Misal Spots in Pune

Shri Krishna Bhuvan

Location: Tushibaug, Budhwar Peth

Despite being located in the busy lanes of Tulshibaug, Sri Krishna Bhuvan is the most-visited joint in Pune. And why not? It is indeed Pune’s oldest misal joint. But ever wondered what makes this place popular? The answer is clear – the unique misal pav ingredients and supremely flavorsome taste. The misal comprises three parts – poha garnished with farsan, shev, onions, potatoes, and the enchanting tarri. Most importantly, they don’t serve laadi-pav and opt for bread. And if your mouth and stomach experience some fieriness, you can calm them down with cold buttermilk. 

Bhadait Misal

Location: Prabhat Road 

A boon for college-going kids, this misal-pav is known for its affordability. You will have to make way through the horde because it is a crowd-puller. Not just this, but its ingredients are flavorsome like poha, farsan, shev, onion, sprouts, and a generous amount of tarri

Medium-spicy, this remains one of our favorite misal pav in Pune. 

Hotel Ramnath

Location: Tilak Road

Probably one of the oldest and hottest in the literal sense because this misal is assal Kolhapuri misal. And when we say Kolhapuri, you can imagine how that dash of spices gives a fiery kick! Yes, the tarri of this misal loaded with beans, fried poha, and onion is not meant for the weak-hearts, especially those who cannot handle spices. Yes, there is buttermilk to cool your burning taste bud, but then don’t blame us that we did not warn you!      

Bedekar Misal

Location: Budhwar Peth

Perhaps Pune’s most legendary outlet that has been in the business for more than 40 years. They undoubtedly believe that they serve assal Puneri misal because it is a blend of tangy and sweet and low on spiciness. 

It has matki, pohe, chiwda, farsan, and shev, complemented with rassa and served with a dash of onions and coriander. The place still bears the old rustic look and caters to long queues that start from 7:00 am. Besides, this place too bids farewell to the traditional pav and serves the misal with a slice of bread!

Newale Misal

Location: Chinchwad

If you wish to know what spicy means, then Newale Misal it is! Do you know what the secret ingredient is? Well, their homemade masala enhances the taste of the misal. This hot and spicy misal is complemented with finely chopped onions, coriander, farsan, and a pair of pav. If you are in no mood to taste the spiciness, then request for a milder version but give a try to this famous misal in Pune. 

Katakirr Misal

Location: Erandwane

If you wish to witness a long queue around the clock, you must visit Katakirr misal. But hang on! Along with misal, modernity is something that makes this place unique. Katakirr has introduced a very effective token system to manage the crowds and please the foodies. Register your name and number at the counter, and as soon as the order is ready, the team notifies you. Not just this, the overflowing crowd doesn’t hamper the taste of the misal, which is why it is tagged as one of the best misals in Pune. Every food ingredient has freshness – from the potato bhaji, onion, coriander, farsan to the shev and pav. 

Besides, waive off the spiciness with a glass full of buttermilk!

Pranjal Misal

Location: Vadgaon Maval

Usually, all misal joints serve simple pav or a slice of bread as a sider with misal. But Pranjal misal is an exception wherein misal is served with roasted pav. Not just this, the plating looks like a thali topped with cucumber, onion, tomatoes, onion, tarri, coriander, farsan, red spicy chutney, buttermilk, and curd. The buttermilk comes from their farm, so it is fresh and suppresses all that spiciness. We bet you cannot attain satisfaction with just one glass of buttermilk! 

Shree Upahar Gruha, Sadashiv Peth

Location: Sadashiv Peth 

Shree Upahar Gruha is also tagged as assal Puneri Misal, with a blend of pohe, sprouts, potato, chiwda, shev, onions, and tarri. The misal is supremely meant for people with sweet taste buds as it is served with freshly grated coconut accompanied with tomato and lemon. Barely spicy, this misal joint is a must-visit and crowded too! Due to its limited seating space, expect long queues for sure!

Vaidya Upahar Gruha

Location: Budhwar Peth

If you wish to relish one of the famous misal in Pune on a fresh Saturday morning, then this place is not meant for you! Yes, it has a mandatory Saturday off to please its employees, and we think it is supremely inspiring. Like the rule, the misal is also hatke with a combination of cooked poha, pohe chiwda, onions, and shev. But there is something unique about this misal other than “Saturday off.” It is the green color of rassa, which is made out of green chilies and not red. Now we know why this place is unusual, heavenly, and a crowd-puller. 

Damodar P30

Location: Bibwewadi

Damodar P30 definitely has a unique name, and so are the offerings. Yes, this famous misal joint in Pune houses five different misal types: Peshwai, Mastani, Kolhapuri, Jain, and Damodar. Additionally, they also serve upvas (fasting) misal on fasting days – a blend of sabudana khichadi, potato sabzi, potato chiwda, and rassa made out of groundnut. It is utterly mouthwatering! With distinctive flavor, taste, and ingredients, this indeed is one of the best misal in Pune and a must-try!

On a parting note

So, this is our list of best misal in Pune. We hope our list helps you satiate your taste buds, and if it does, don’t forget to inform us!

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