From Traditional to Fusion – Food Truck in Pune That Redefining Street Food

Best Food Truck in Pune

In the past few years, Pune has become a culinary melting pot. With cuisines from different regions and countries on offer, a new type of eating experience has recently evolved in Pune. Yes, we are talking about the food trucks! 

Food trucks are a modern concept that has become a part of the fast-paced and vibrant lifestyles of many major cities in India, including Pune. 

With the food truck culture, you can explore a variety of cuisines and even gourmet food without burning a large hole in your pocket!

In this article, we will explore the lively and dynamic food truck scene in Pune and find out which food truck in Pune should you be heading to next.

Fuel Your Foodie Soul - Explore Best Food Truck in Pune

1. The Mexican Rodeo

Red signifies hot and spicy and this flaming red food truck does exactly that—serves some picante Mexican food! The red-hot exterior is well designed with a huge menu, a Mexican flag, and some sombrero caricatures. 

Their quesadillas and burrito bowls will enrich your taste buds and have you asking for more. If you don’t want to have very spicy food, you can ask the chef to customise it to medium or non-spicy for you.

Location: Next to The Bishop’s School, Palace View Society, Kalyani Nagar

Cost for two: ₹ 500

Timing: 4.30 pm to 10.45 pm

2. Henny’s Gourmet

If you have a sweet tooth, then head to Henny’s Gourmet Pune! They have abundant desserts such as dark Belgian chocolate mousse, Nutella with whipped cream, caramel with whipped cream and many more.

If you can’t appetite a full serving, you can opt for half or even a quarter serving. They serve waffles with a variety of toppings such as Nutella, maple syrup, chocolate syrup and red velvet.

So, now you know where to go when to satiate your sweet tooth!

Location: Girme Heights, Salunke Vihar Road, Kedari Nagar, Wanowrie

Cost for two: ₹ 300

Timing: 7.30 pm to 11.30 pm (Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday); 7.30 pm to 11 pm (Friday)

3. Burgertron

With three food trucks in Pune, the Burgertron food truck serves decadent and juicy burgers. The sauces and the size of the burgers make it different from the other burger joints in the city.

You can try their chicken steak burger or some Mexican-inspired burgers such as crabs, prawns, squid and teriyaki burgers. The burgers are served with melted cheese and fries on the side.

They also host live cricket screenings for all the game fans out there. 

Locations: Gate No. 1 Siemens, Balevadi High Street, Baner/ Near Kedari Petrol Pump, Wanowrie/ Food Truck Zone, Viman Nagar

Cost for two: ₹ 350

Timing: Baner- 11 am to 12 am/ Wanowrie- 5 pm to 11 pm (Tue-Thurs); 5 pm to 12 am (Fri-Sun)/ Viman Nagar- 5 pm to 11 pm 

4. Buddha’s Food Palace

Craving for some Thai food? Then Buddha’s Food Palace is the food truck to head to! As the owner has lived in Thailand, this food truck is said to serve authentic Thai food such as Pad Thai noodles and Thai curry. It is one of the most popular food vans in Pune and has a lot of options for vegetarians too. 

The portion sizes are generous, so, gather your friends for a fun meet-and-eat session!

Location: Kedari Nagar, Wanowrie

Cost for two: ₹ 400

Timing: 5 pm to 12 am (Closed on Monday)

5. Rastaman Soul Food

This food truck in Pune serves comfort food with a twist. Located in the Balewadi High Street, Rastaman Soul Food serves Jamaican, Asian, and Punjabi-style burgers. The truck is inspired by the Rastaman culture and their butter chicken burgers and kosha mango burgers are very popular. They also have South Indian-style curry-infused burgers. Now that’s traditional food with a twist! 

Location: Balewadi High Street, Baner

Cost for two: ₹ 250

Timing: 6 pm to 12 am (Tuesday to Thursday)/ 12.30 pm to 4 pm and 6 pm to 12 am (Friday to Sunday)

6. L’Dorado

L’Dorado serves multi-cuisine food such as Indian, American, Mexican, Continental and Oriental. The food van itself is a piece of art which features images of the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Pantheon among others. 

They serve veg and non-veg burgers, nachos, fries, quick bites, wings, desserts, and drinks. They also have vegan options available. Their must-try dishes include Bang Bang Chicken Burger, Jack’s Vegan Burger, Peri Peri Wings, Cheesy Fries and Chicken Ghee Roast Burger.

Location: New Aundh-Baner Link Road, Near Medipoint Hospital, Aundh

Cost for two: ₹ 500

Timing: 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm (Only on Tuesday and Wednesday)

7. Indiano Grill

One of the first food trucks in Pune and one of the few that also has seating, the Indiano Grill serves Indian food such as Misal Pav and Chicken Pulao along with other food items such as BBQ chicken wings, chicken roast and veg supreme pizza.

This place offers an international experience with a desi twist. The service is quick and the food is lip-smacking. Their wood-fired pizzas are a must-try!

Location: Sinhgad Road, Anand Nagar

Cost for two: ₹ 400

Timing: 9 am to 1 pm and 5 pm to 10 pm (Closed on Thursday)

8. The Cheese Truck

This bright yellow food truck in Pune is all about—yes, you guessed it right—cheese! If you prefer subs and sandwiches over pizzas, then this is your go-to place. Their classic Mac-N-Cheese is a must-try along with other dishes on offer such as Stoner’s chicken sandwich, creamy spinach corn and cheese sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich and masala chicken sandwich.

They are open until the wee hours of the morning. So, it is a great option for all you midnight foodies!

Location: Differs, but mostly in Viman Nagar

Cost for two: ₹ 250

Timing: 12 pm to 3.30 am

9. Nina Pinta Santamaria Food Truck

If you are craving crepes, then Nina Pinta Santamaria is the place to be! They serve not only sweet but also savoury crepes to satiate your hunger pangs. They have four savory and five sweet crepes on offer and the mutton keema crepe and the death by chocolate crepes are much recommended. They also have a desi twist on their crepes such as the Puneri chicken crepe.

Location: Near Jupiter Hospital, Aundh-Baner Link Road, Baner

Cost for two: ₹ 300

Timing: 6.30 pm to 11 pm

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