Want to have it all in one plate? Here are the best thali places in pune for you

Best Thali in Pune

The food culture of Pune has evolved immensely in recent years. You can find a variety of foods in Pune, right from the international cuisine to Punjabi, south Indian, Italian, and many more. Along with these, some places serve thalis in Pune. Many Authentic Maharashtrian dining halls serve some of the best thali in Pune. 

Thalis have become more popular nowadays because of a good reason you can try a variety of tasty dishes without emptying your pocket. In this blog, we will see Some of the famous Thali restaurants in Pune that serve the best veg thali in Pune. 

Here is the list of best Thali places in Pune:


Durvankur is one of the oldest thali restaurants in Pune. It is the most preferred dining hall by vegetarians. They serve three different menus on weekdays, weekends & Ganesh Chaturthi. One should visit this place in the Mango season to enjoy their famous “Aamras-Puri” menu.

The standard thali has three veggies, Kadhi, Dal-Rice, Dal-Khichadi, Chapati, Bhakri, Thalipeeth, Dahi Vada, Papad, Cucumber Salad & 2 Sweets. On Sundays, the menu has the addition of puri, dhokla, and masala rice; the price for the thali is 300, but if you finish the whole thali, you will get a 20 rs discount. 


Sukanta serves a combination of Maharashtra, Gujarati & Rajasthani cuisine with a warm ambiance. It is the best place to have thali with your family. They welcome you with a rasna drink.

Sukanta offers one of the best Maharashtrian veg thali in Pune with eight types of vegetables, two types of snacks, plain chapatis along with puris, two kinds of rice, farsans, and a bowl of Amras/sweets. The place is crowded. Occasionally you have to wait in a long queue. The menu is also changing, so the best advice is to book first on call.

Asha Dining Hall:

Asha Dining Hall is one of the oldest dining halls on Apte road. The specialty of this hall is it serves simple, testy & homely food. The lunch timing is from 11.30 to 1.30 pm, and Dinner is from 7.30 to 10.30 pm.

The thali, including three veggies, three chapatis, sweet dal with rice, dry potato sabji, curd, pickle, pulses, rasam, and papad, costs 160 rs. The food is very healthy; the sabjis they serve are seasonal, including green veggies in winter. In the month of Shravan, they do their special upwas thali. 

Hotel Shreyas:

Hotel Shreyas, located on Apte Road, serves one of the best thali in Pune. The food is delicious and will remind you of mom-cooked food. Thali costs around 370, includes one dry sabji, a gravy base veggie, one pulse veggie, amti, sol kadhi, two types of farsan, spicy veg curry, & salad.

There are some side dishes, including chapati or palak puri, thalipith, masala bhat, papad, masala puri, buttermilk, plain dal, pickle & chutney. Also, they serve upvas thali for the same price. 

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant:

Rajdhani thali restaurant is a mesmerizing place for food lovers. This place will offer you a taste with a royal feel.

They have a variety of rotational menus. The thali includes dal bati churma, which will take you back to the kingdom of Mewar. Along with this chutney, four different vegetables, one green, one potato, one pulse & one paneer. Two dal, one sweet & one spicy or kadhi, along with phulkas, they also have special thepla, paratha.

In sweets, they have three types: Bengali, jalebi or malpua, or rabadi & different types of halwas. 

Mayur Veg Thali: 

This is the modern chain joint serving a range of veg thalis & other south Indian dishes. Along with the regular thali, they also serve Jain thali, including all the sabjis without onion & garlic.

They also serve snacks or starters in thali packages. A typical thali includes two gravy sabji in which one dry sabji & one gravy sabji, Gujarati kadhi, Gujarati dal, varan & 8 phulkas with desi ghee, steamed rice, jalebi (10 pcs).

In addition to this salad, papad, raita, chutney & pickle. Other than these different varieties of thalis, they serve mini thali.  

Maharaja Bhog:

Maharaja Bhog is one of the best veg-unlimited thali restaurants in Pune. They offer Gujarati & Rajasthani thali.

Like its name Maharaja Bhog, the food & service here is designed with royalty to pamper customers with an exceptional dining experience. They have a new menu daily. The thali includes four types of vegetable curries, steamed rice/flavored rice, dal, kadhi, khichadi, Rotis, puri, chutney, and spiced buttermilk.

They also serve unique dishes, special Indian roti, dessert of the day, fried appetizer, seasonal dessert, and steamed appetizer. 

Poona Guest House:

Poona guest house serves Maharashtrian veg thali. The dining hall is well known for hygiene, food, and good staff & service.

If you want to have good food at an affordable price, this is the place for you. Regular thali, which costs around 180, includes one dry sabji, gravy sabji, varan/amti & three chapatis. In special thali, along with sukhi, gravy sabji, and dal, they serve masala rice, ghee, kothimbir Vadi, koshimbir Vadi & sweet.

They also have Gramin thali, including lasun chutney kharda, pitla, bhakri, mirgunda, varan/amti & bhat. If you want to try something different, then here, Gramin thali is the best option for you. 

Aaoji Khhaoji:

Aaoji khhaoji serves one of the famous thali in Pune. They serve unlimited veg thali.

This is one of the rare places in Pune which serves Punjabi thali. So if you are a north Indian food lover, this can be the best place for you. They have a variety of paratha thalis which includes paratha with different stuffing paneer, aloo cheese, etc., layered with homemade butter.

They also serve dal makhani, one sabji, raita, salad, achar, papad & sweet. Besides thali, they also have Punjabi specials like makke di roti sarso da saag, lassi & chloe, etc. 

So these are some of the best veg thali restaurants in Pune where you can satisfy your desire with a variety of food. Enjoy and let us know your mouth-watering experience.

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